Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Road to Becoming a Master Angler

Using the Right Equipment

Every angler begins with a set of basic equipment, and while you can catch some very basic fish with them, dropping by the shop to invest in better gear allows the chance to discover better fish! Some fish can even be harvested for Fishbux.

Spending gold on better fishing rods will make fishing easier, so saving up for a better rod is a great investment.

Once you have a new rod, a better fishing line will also make fishing easier.

As different fish enjoy different types of food, changing up your bait can sometimes yield surprising results.

There are 5 major types of lures in the game with each lure attracting a different type of fish. Fishing with different lures will definitely help you discover new kinds of fish.

Fishing Tips

Day/Night: All fish in the game have their own active hours. Some only appear during the day, some only at night, while some fish are around all day.

Line Pressure: Keeping an eye on your line pressure while fishing can increase the success rate of fishing. Remember, if the line pressure bar is filled your line will snap (and you will lose your lure)!

Lure Position: Every fishing point is divided into 3 zones, near/middle/far. Every zone has types of fish that can only be caught there, so choosing different zones to fish will yield more surprises!

Easily Catch the Mission Fish!

Upon entering a fishing point, the bulletin board will show not only the special fish of this area, but also the required equipment to catch it. Using this equipment combination will greatly increase your chances of capturing this special fish.

Completing Quests

Sometimes you might not know where to catch the fish required to complete quests, but a simple rule of thumb is to check the name of the quest. The Lv tag in the quest name denotes the level of the fishing point where these fish can be found. Head over to these particular fishing points to complete quests!

The Shop

This is where you can buy all the gear listed above. Just enter the shop and the fish boss will sort you out.

Equipping Items

If in the middle of fishing you find yourself wanting to change up your equipment, just follow the instructions below.

[Tap the lower right button -> Tap the button located at A to enter your inventory]

[A: Choose item type -> B: Shows available gear -> C: Equip gear -> D: Currently equipped gear]

That's all for now. Come back next week where we will continue to explore the secrets of Wonder Fish!

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